Corporate Videography

Corporate Business Filmmaking & Videography

We produce a wide range of videography services for corporate businesses throughout Lancashire and the North West of England. Whether you’re looking to showcase your latest products and services, or needing to share the latest; DM Videography produces a wide range of filmmaking services for corporate businesses throughout Lancashire and the North West of England.

Explore our full range of services:

► Aerial & Drone

Add a new dimension to your corporate video with aerial footage. As qualified drone pilots, we are positioned to offer drone videography for your business with true 4K high resolution footage that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere at a similar price.

► Products

When it comes to promoting your latest products or services, we’re experts in product videography and advertisement. Let us help extend your audience and awareness to greater increase your sales with bespoke 4K quality videography.

► Commercial

We work alongside a wide range of businesses throughout Lancashire. Regardless of your industry, business size, or requirements, we’re ready to help you scale up your content to showcase your company with the highest level of detail to shine through your competitors.

► Events

If you’re looking to promote an event then look no further than DM Videography. We’ve helped promote events on a wide range of sizes, from local music events and markets, to music festivals, and international fairs.

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Regardless of your marketing budget, advertisement preferences, or requirements; At DM Videography we’ve worked alongside a wide range of businesses throughout Lancashire to create bespoke videography packages to help scale and promote products and services throughout the UK and Europe. Reach out today and start designing your professional corporate film!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand that selecting the best videography for your business is an important decision. We’ve covered a few common questions that other businesses like you have asked us over the years.

What areas do you cover?

We work alongside business throughout Lancashire and the North West of England. Primarily working with local businesses in Blackpool, Preston, and Lancaster, we’re more than happy to work with you wherever needed in the UK or abroad, although please note travel arrangements and expenses would need to be discussed and approved upon beforehand.

What is your pricing?

Unlike our wedding film prices, corporate requirements can differ quite significantly. For this reason we cannot offer a quote without speaking with you first to understand your requirements. Unlike others who don’t display their pricing, this doesn’t mean we’re expensive, our corporate videography generally starts from just £600 for basic business requirements.

Do you provide all equipment?

There’s no requirement for you to provide any videography equipment. If anything, we prefer utilising our own equipment. We have everything needed to film and produce your commercial video from cameras, mics and lighting, to drones, stabilisers and backups. We take the stress away and work with you to create your desired outcome.

How long have you been filming?

Deimante is the founder and lead videographer at DM Videographer with over 10 years experience in filmmaking, editing, and promotion throughout the UK and Europe. In addition, we work with an in house team of videography experts and marketing professionals to capture your corporate film and work with you to promote it.